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A group of people share a box or case of cards by dividing up the product in a pre determined method. Visit the My Store and choose the box or case that interests you, grab a team or a spot in a random team break! There is no set schedule or specific time when breaks happen rather it is when they fill.

We do the breaks once they are full while I am live on the set schedule of Monday thru Friday starting at 6 PM EST. Cards are sorted and will be sleeved, toploaded within 3-5 business days of the break.

With this we are not referring to angry or complaining customers.

Those you may find annoying, but they are a fixed element of doing business and are essentially part of the game.

Please remember there are usually multiple cases of cards being sorted and shipped at any time! - All hits, jerseys, patches, autographs, rookies, inserts and #d cards that come out for your team will be shipped to you.

No base veteran cards will be shipped unless otherwise noted. Make sure you are logged into our website and watching the break under the view live category. All breaks are uploaded right after completion of the break on our You Tube channel.

Comments: I bought a couple packs of these to try out, and they are WAY more durable than the Keitechs and have just as much if not more action.

Nasty C's music videos for "Good Girls" and "Don't Do It" have been disqualified from the South African Music Awards (Samas) There were several enquiries regarding the qualification of Nasty C’s music videos for “Good Girls” and “Don’t Do It” in the Best Music Video category as announced at the Sama 23 nominees event on 20 April.

The videos, as pointed out by fans, had not been broadcast on national TV before 31 January, which is a requirement according to the competition’s rules.

Lately, it seems, high-fashion can't get enough of the aesthetic.

In the past couple of years, Love's early and mid-90s baby-doll dresses and oversized fuzzy thrift store cardigans have showed up in high-fashion editorials and been sent down many a runway.

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Types of breaks These are the standard formats and rules that we use for our group breaks.