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Business dating service

The online dating industry generates revenues in two ways.The first way is by having a group of paying subscribers who desire to have access to a marketplace of people.A number of countries with dwindling populations desperately want their citizens to have more sex, but Japan is going the extra mile.Around the country, local Japanese governments have set up speed-dating services where people can come to meet potential lifelong partners.The programs come in response to the country's population woes.

Dating sites are commonly ranked by revenue and number of members. e Harmony, for instance is one of the industry’s trendsetters.

Online dating suits the busy lifestyles of many people whether they are singles, married or in between.

It’s just a marketplace that allows people to pick and choose some of the basic qualities they’re looking for up-front.

The second way companies make money is by offering free access and use of the website to the public.

If enough traffic is generated on said website; Advertising space and valuable marketing information generated by the website is sold to advertisers and researchers.

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