Dating people with cats

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Dating people with cats

We’re developing these tools to improve people’s experience on Facebook, but hope that this post provides some insight into how they work.Yep, the stereotypes are true: dog people are more outgoing, measured in terms of Facebook friends.Specifically, cat people are 2.2 times more likely to befriend other cat people when compared to randomly chosen friends from the general population.It’s been a while since I’ve written about my dating life. If there’s one thing this city seems to have an over supply of, it’s single women looking for a companion – or just a date. This is not meant to be a post of the state of female singletons in the city, so I’ll move on.Having a pet led 35 per cent of women and 26 per cent of men to be more attracted to a potential partner, but which of pet proved to be rather important.When asked which pet was sexiest, 500 out of the 600 women voted for dogs, with relatively few men or women reporting that a relationship could not work with a “dog person.”Not so for fellas with felines.I often had to double check to ensure I wasn’t looking at profiles of men in Colorado or California).

However, if all that cat hair is holding you back from truly committing to a relationship with a cat person, have no fear.

A groundbreaking new survey has revealed that women find dog-owning men to be sexier than their dog-less counterparts, while owning a cat is considered to be lady-loving kryptonite.

The study, which was hilariously titled “The Roles of Pet Dogs and Cats In Human Courtship And Dating,” surveyed more than 1,281 people from to find out whether owning a pet influenced someone’s level of attraction.

Not everyone can call themselves a “cat person” but by being one, I know firsthand why being in a relationship with [someone like] me rocks.

Lint rollers make the best gifts ever Forget fancy necklaces or diamond rings.

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