Etqw stats not updating

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Etqw stats not updating

Anyone familiar with the work I did on Doom Chronicles (Doom 3 Modification) should know that I am very experienced with making particle effects...

The effects in this mini mod only took about a minute a piece to make, and I am capable of producing much better work if the community desires it.

Also, if the demand is up enough I could add some blood wounds, and possibly blood splatters into the game.

However, I would need some help from someone experienced with textures for that.

I'm positive that I've surpassed 25 hours and done at least 214 missions, but neither trophy has popped.

I checked the Uplay site (Rocksmith 2014 - Learn to Play Guitar & Bass | Ubisoft (US)) and while I know that the Uplay sites are completely stuffed, it's giving some conflicting results...

Note that this is not a port/clone or rip of Carmageddon. * Only Dedicated Internet Servers and lan servers which have forced auth.

There will be powerups/powerdowns, a credits system, upgradable cars (via armour, offensive, and engine characteristics), checkpoint style racing (i.e, ability to roam), destructable cars, and a stunts system. Ranked Stats Servers: * si_wow Stats GUID * si_wow GSPLicence * Ranked Server cvars are not locked, but if they do not conform to regulations then stats are simply not sent.

Before attempting anything however, it's important to understand why this cap has been put in place and how it works.Browse files Categories New today New recently Latest files Top files Tag search Files of the month Files without tags Add a file Manage your files Manage files you have access to Tracking centre Download history Thankyou for downloading my Blood Mod!This mod adds simple blood effects to Enemy Terriotry: Quake wars.If you're an avid ET: QW player, make sure to also visit the Official ET: QW Statistics Site which records and stores a range of statistics for all ET: QW players.Skipping Introductory Movies To skip the introductory movie shown before the game reaches the main menu, you can use the g_skip Intro 1 command, preferably adding it to your launch icon's command line as demonstrated below: "C:\Program Files\id Software\Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars\etqw.exe" set g_skip Intro 1 Alternatively you can rename or delete the intro_1024x512movie file found under the Program Files\id Software\Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars\base\video directory, but this is not recommended.

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We think it ties in nicely, hopefully you will agree!