Quizilla on full metal alchemist dating ed elric

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Then I choose better and get this one , i try again and again only changing some things to other options that also suit me , and I started always getting this one ^____^ Other quiz: Who are you in the Hagaren world?

Sometimes Edward really didn't understand his biological father.

What was once nonexistent in seeing him willingly kill someone now it was the opposite.

Emotional and hilarious, he goes through such a depressing life, yet can still get back on his feet and fight back. Roy, dude- ya can't beat a long-haired blonde shrimp. He is funny and calm, but he can also snap and unleash his wrath. He destroyed Lust and Envy in the most badass of ways.

I understand one is human and one is animation but still, just pick which you like best, don't throw a fit.

Full Metal Alchemist Character Quiz What Fullmetal Alchemist character are you?

There was something alluring about ____ that I couldn't decipher.

" Your best friend and weapon partner, (Best Friend's Name) shouted.

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Others might have depth, but Edward has the most out of every character in this series.